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Bi 4.0T
Bi 4.0T
■ Whole casting pump with screw cap, maintenance more convenient
■ BJS special and European streamlined handle, feel more familiar
■ Long time overload is not easy to deformation
■ All shaft after heat treatment
■ Lifting down by handle or foot easy to use
■ Frame design strong capacity is strong
■ Steady lifting falling ,speed can be control
Item Bi 4.0TBi 4.0T槽鋼
Capacity Q(kg)40004000
Min.fork height H(mm)7585
Max.fork height HI(mm)188198
Steering wheel(mm)180X50180X50
Load roller(mm)74X7080X70
Size of fork ExS(mm)160160
Width overall forks B(mm)550/685550/685
Fork length L(mm)1150/12201150 /1220
Net weight(kg)9697
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